Live Mortgage Calculator

The live mortgage calculator attempts to fill in the gaps left by other online mortgage calculators by offering a simple and flexible interface. We don't just spill out results using basic mortgage interest formulas, but give you the ability to modify the results as well. If you are more interested in what you can afford on a monthly basis, then a simple field to enter your loan amount doesn't help. Our mortgage calculator allows you to modify the monthly payment result, term length and total payments, which will in-turn adjust the loan amount. This helps you to determine exactly how large of a mortgage you can afford.

Secure loan calculator

One area of concern for home buyers and investors using online loan calculators is the security of the information they enter. While all online interactions are anonymous (no personal information is gathered), we like our visitors to feel comfortable. Therefore, we offer a version of this page with 256-bit encryption, meaning that any information sent is highly secured during transmission. Secure Mortgage Calculator ».

Mobile loan calculations

Mortgage calculators are all over the web, but few scale down well enough to be used on a mobile site. Our loan comparison tool was design with the iPhone and Android mobile device displays in mind.

Mortgage calculator with taxes

Reverse calculate your loan amount based on the monthly amount you can afford. The loan calculator will take into account property taxes, either as a fixed amount or a percentage of your loan!

While we will continue to add new features to our payment calculator, we will do so in an elegant, user-friendly manner. A payment calculator shouldn't look like an airplane cockpit, finding the right home is hard enough!

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